Student Programs

Students & New Grads, METROCON is the ideal place to kick-start your career in the Architecture & Design industry!

METROCON is large enough to familiarize yourself with a range of materials and manufacturers, but small enough to start establishing meaningful connections within the industry that you will likely have for the lifetime of your career.

Even if you do not participate in any Student Programs, you will benefit from experiencing the trade show and Design Vignettes, attending the Keynote Addresses, and networking at our Kick-Off Party, Happy Hour and/or Design Crawl. JOIN US!

Note that you must register for all of the events listed above and below.

Thursday, August 8
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Meet at the METROCON INFO BOOTH [#500]

Trade Show Floor Tour

Trade shows are important in the life of an interior designer. During this tour, design professionals will lead small groups of students and new graduates around the floor to visit exhibitors. These industry experts will give you insight on what questions to ask, how to evaluate products, and why it is so critical to your success to make connections and establish strong vendor relationships throughout your career. Participation is limited to 40 Students.

SOLD OUT 08/01/19!

Friday, August 9
1:45 PM - 3:00 PM
Main Stage

Meet & Greet

Students & new graduates, here is your opportunity to meet design professionals practicing in a variety of markets. Bring your resume and portfolio, or just bring your questions for this casual, one-on-one gathering. Participation is limited to 40 Students.