Attention 2018 Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Speakers:

We have created a Marketing Toolkit to help you promote your presence at this year’s show. All of the images are provided by Metrocon, Inc., and you are free to edit and use the images as needed.

We encourage you to promote your participation in METROCON18 Expo & Conference in as many ways as possible to improve attendance to your booth or to promote your presentation. Remember: We are a not-for-profit organization with a tight budget, so let's work together to reach the maximum amount of people!

What's Included In The Toolkit?

  • 3 different types of logos (with and without dates and location)

  • 2 different sizes of banners (300x250 & 600x150)

  • 3 types of email signatures (for Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Speakers)

  • 3 sizes of social media* posts (for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

How do I use them?

  • In your email signature.

  • In promotional emails to your own distribution list.

  • On your company website.

  • On printed flyers or postcards.

  • On social media* platforms.

*When you post on social media, please be sure to tag us and/or use our OFFICIAL EVENT HASHTAG - #metroconexpo18 - so that we can find your posts!

Expert Advice & Inspiration

Before you start download files from our Marketing Toolkit...

Who couldn't use a little advice on how to have a better show? Below are links to articles (listed in no particular order) that we have found to be helpful to past Exhibitors. Go forth and prosper!

Marketing Toolkit File Types & Downloads

Click on the black buttons below to download .zip files containing all image files of that specific file type.

Raster files suitable for digital applications – i.e., email, websites, and social media.

Photoshop files into which you can insert your own information like a booth number, classroom number and/or logo and use for digital applications.

Vector files that you can edit and use for print applications – e.g., flyers and postcards. NOTE: The file sizes were so large for these 3 file types that we had to separate them out into 2 separate downloads each.