Exhibit Space Location

Except for Event Sponsors, Exhibitors do not have the option to choose the exact location of their booth space. Exhibitor requests for assignments will be taken under consideration and try to be honored, but cannot be guaranteed.

Exhibit space will be assigned as per the following criteria:

  1. date and time when purchase and requests were made

  2. how many booths purchased and/or the combination of booth levels purchased - e.g., 1 Regular booth + 1 Premium booth + 2 Super Premiums - because any combination of these things may automatically determine a location

  3. the configuration requested - i.e. four (4) booths as a 10'x40' vs. four (4) booths as a 20'x20'

  4. type of products to be exhibited (as we try not to put competitors near each other)


► All companies that are not official Sponsors of the event may not register / purchase booth space online until April 1, 2019 @ 8:00 AM (CST).

► The only method of payment accepted is credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). All monetary transactions will be conducted in U.S. dollars.

► Except for Event Sponsors who are allowed to purchase booths prior to the initiation of online registration and choose to pay by check, all exhibitor booth fees are to be paid in fullat the time of online registration via credit card. Other items - such as additional badges, pre-paid lunches, etc. - may be registered and paid for in full at a later time via credit card.

► Companies claiming Membership to receive discounted exhibitor booth fees must qualify as a Member as per the information found HERE. The information provided by the Exhibitor will be checked, and if the claim is found to be incorrect, then the Exhibitor will be required to pay the difference in exhibitor booth fees.


  • Exhibitors have until June 7, 2019 @ 5:00 PM (CST) to cancel their exhibit booth space with a full refund.

  • Exhibitors have until August 2, 2019 @ 5:00 PM (CST) to cancel paid badges and/or pre-paid lunches with a full refund.

After these stated deadlines, no refunds will be given. All cancellations, regardless of submittal date, will be honored only if such request is received in writing via email.

At the Trade Show

► All exhibits must be staffed during Official Show Hours.

► During the two-day event, all Exhibitors will be required to enter the trade show space through the designated Exhibitor Entrance.

► Exhibitors representatives working the Trade Show may pick up their badges at the Exhibitor Registration Desk at Dallas Market Hall. Representatives must wear their badges at all times.

► Only carry-in objects may be brought into the exhibit hall area during Official Trade Show Hours; i.e., no dollies or rolling carts will be allowed.

► Amplified sound may not be used except by written prearrangement received from the METROCON Committee. If, when on-site, other Exhibitors complain about the noise level, then the Exhibitor producing the sound will be required to turn it down or turn it off completely.

► No chemical flame is allowed per show management.

► Exhibitors may take orders for items during the show, but no exchange of goods or money may take place out of one's booth space.

► If Exhibitors or Sponsors want to offer anything other than candy (branded or not) out of their booth space - e.g. breakfast or lunch items or alcohol - then they must coordinate directly with Levy Catering, the official caterer of Dallas Market Center.

► Due to the alcohol permit Levy Catering holds with TABC [Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission], Exhibitors and Sponsors are not allowed to bring ANY alcohol on the premises, even if it's sealed and will not be consumed on-site.

Off-Site Events

Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Speakers are not allowed to hold an event at another location during Official Trade Show Hours.

Every year the Committee of volunteers works extremely hard organizing such a large undertaking to benefit Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers and Attendees. Every action that we make must support the overall health of the show and be for the benefit of those who have invested their time and money to make the show a success.

Taking people away from the show during show hours definitely does not benefit the overall health of METROCON in any way. If the Committee starts allowing participants and non-participants to chip away at the show, then soon the show will weaken and, ultimately, may not exist at all, which would be to the detriment of the entire design community as a whole.

Please try to consider if the roles were reversed. In other words, if a vendor – whether or not they were exhibiting – took attendees away from the trade show floor during show hours while you were exhibiting at the show, would that upset you and/or seem fair after you had committed your time and money to support the show, and would you resent the actions of that vendor? We think that the answer is YES, and we do not want to risk...

  • alienating all of our committed Exhibitors and Sponsors,

  • alienating your industry peers against you,

  • opening up the flood gates for future events such as these.

Simply hold your off-site event outside of Official Trade Show Hours. In fact, if you let us know about your event being held outside of official trade show hours, then we'll even promote it on our website and via email before the show.