Before the Event

Use our Marketing toolkit

Don’t be passive. As early as April, start letting your customers know you and your company are participating. Take advantage of our Marketing Toolkit with images and ideas to help you promote your presence at the show to your own established networks. Important: Visit our Exhibitor Information page to learn about a scam alert regarding acquiring our Attendee List.

Dress (Your Space) to Impress

Our audience is made up of visual people, so grab their attention by designing an exhibit that's aesthetically appealing, informative and interactive. When you secure exhibit space, you will automatically be entered into our annual Pegasus Awards. If your company wins, you will be promoted at the show, on social media, and on our website.


Metrocon, Inc. has partnered with Exceed Events LLC to offer optional lead retrieval and digital marketing opportunities on the METROCON19 mobile app to improve your ROI during the show. If you are interested in either opportunity, you will order directly from Exceed Events.

Give Good Giveaways

Booth giveaways are always an excellent way to attract Attendees during a trade show. Whether it be a trip, a factory tour, a gift card, one of your company’s sought-after products, or something completely original, if you would like for us to promote your giveaway in the week before the show on social media, please contact us, providing details about what you are giving away and how Attendees may participate.

At the Event


  1. Enter Market Hall through the designated Exhibitor Entrance.

  2. Pick up your badge at the Exhibitor Registration Desk at Dallas Market Hall and wear it at all times.

  3. Staff your space during Official Show Hours.

  4. Stand up, set down your cell phone, smile, and engage with Attendees walking by your exhibit. (FYI: Our #1 complaint by Attendees is that Exhibitor Staff are either on their phones or talking to one another and do not talk to them when they come by.)

  5. If desired, take orders for items during the show, but under no circumstances can you exchange goods or money within your booth space. If we discover that is happening, you and your company will be asked to leave.

  6. If needed, during Official Trade Show Hours carry-in last minute additions to your exhibit space; however, under no circumstances can you use dollies or rolling carts.


  1. Use amplified sound in your space without written permission from us. Want to get permission to play music or a continuous loop video with sound? Contact us. (FYI: if surrounding Exhibitors complain about the noise level, then you will be required to turn it down or turn it off completely.)

  2. Use any type of chemical flame. The Fire Marshal will shut the show down.

  3. Offer anything other than candy (branded or not) out of your booth space - e.g. breakfast or lunch items or alcohol - without coordinating directly with Levy Catering, the official caterer of Dallas Market Center. Want to find out which Levy Catering representative you will need to work with? Contact us.

  4. Bring in ANY alcohol on the premises, even if it's sealed and will not be consumed on-site. The alcohol permit Levy Catering holds with TABC [Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission] strictly prohibits this.

During the Event: Off-Site

Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Speakers are not allowed to hold an event at another location during Official Trade Show Hours.

Every year the Committee of volunteers works extremely hard organizing such a large undertaking to benefit Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers and Attendees. Every action that we make must support the overall health of the show and be for the benefit of those who have invested their time and money to make the show a success.

Taking people away from the show during show hours definitely does not benefit the overall health of METROCON in any way. If the Committee starts allowing participants and non-participants to chip away at the show, then soon the show will weaken and, ultimately, may not exist at all, which would be to the detriment of the entire design community as a whole.

Please try to consider if the roles were reversed. In other words, if a vendor – whether or not they were exhibiting – took attendees away from the trade show floor during show hours while you were exhibiting at the show, would that upset you and/or seem fair after you had committed your time and money to support the show, and would you resent the actions of that vendor? We think that the answer is YES, and we do not want to risk...

  • alienating all of our committed Exhibitors and Sponsors,

  • alienating your industry peers against you,

  • opening up the flood gates for future events such as these.

Simply hold your off-site event outside of Official Trade Show Hours. In fact, if you let us know about your event being held outside of official trade show hours, then we'll even promote it on our website and via email before the show.