2018 Continuing Education Reporting Information

Conference Transcript / Certificate

It was critical that you had your badge scanned by a volunteer course monitor when you exited every classroom at the end of every course. This was the only proof of your course attendance.

The afternoon of Monday, August 20, 2018, an email went out to everyone who took continuing education with the subject line "METROCON18 Certificates" letting you know that your Conference Transcript (a.k.a. Certificate) was available to download in your METROCON18 account.

If you never logged in and downloaded your transcript, fill out the form to the right, and Show Manager Laura McDonald Stewart, FASID, IIDA, RID, LEED AP will get back to you.

2018 Continuing Education Course List

If you need to refresh your memory on course codings - i.e., HSW, HSW-BF (barrier-free), HSW-SD (sustainable design), or HSW-BC (building codes) - for each of your courses, please use the button below to download the course list [PDF].

Explanation of Credits on Transcripts / Certificates

0.1 credit = 1 hour

IDCEC tracks credits as “fractions,” and since the majority of our attendees report to IDCEC, we track credits using their system. The other entities - i.e., TBAE, AIA, EDAC, and GBCI - understand that a 0.1 credit translates to 1 hour of continuing education. Since we began the conference in 2003, we have never had anyone have a problem reporting their hours based on this system.




Seventeen (17) courses were AIA-approved.

For Courses that were AIA-approved: Speakers of these courses were instructed that they were required to bring their AIA sign-in sheet, pass it around the room to have AIA members sign it, and report those members' course completion immediately after the event.



Ten (10) courses were EDAC-approved.

EDAC approval numbers show up on your Conference Transcript, and you may use your transcript, along with this METROCON18 Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) CEU Form, to self-report to EDAC.



Seven (7) courses were GBCI-approved and six (6) we submitted for approval and are still awaiting approval numbers.

For Courses that were GBCI-approved: GBCI approval numbers show up on your Conference Transcript, and you may use your transcript to self-report to GBCI.

For Courses marked as “GBCI-self report” or "pending": Once we receive approval numbers, we will post them here to help you self-report to GBCI.



All forty-one (41) 2018 continuing education courses were cumulatively reviewed and approved by IDCEC, so they are recognized by member organizations ASID, IDC & IIDA.

IDCEC approval numbers show up on your Conference Transcript, and you may use your transcript, along with the document METROCON18 IDCEC Reporting Information to help you self-report to IDCEC.



All forty-one (41) courses had HSW content, thereby qualifying as CEPHs for continuing education requirements set forth by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners for Registered Interior Designers and Registered Architects.

You are only required to submit your continuing education documents to TBAE if they have been requested. Each registrant certifies their compliance with the continuing education upon renewal every year. Use TBAE's CEPH Log to track your courses.