2019 Continuing Education


The schedule is planned so that at least one CE Course is offered during each of the nine time slots that applies to each of the following: AIA approval; HSW-SD content area; Education Design; Healthcare Design; Hospitality Design; Multifamily Design; Residential Design; Workplace Design.


All CE Courses (including the Keynote Addresses) are approved by IDCEC [Interior Design Continuing Education Council], which means they were all approved by ASID [American Society of Interior Designers], IDC [Interior Designers of Canada], and IIDA [International Interior Design Association].

Courses that are also approved by...

  • AIA - American Institute of Architects for their members

  • EDAC - The Center for Health Design for Evidence-Based Design Certification

  • GBCI - Green Building Certification Inc. for LEED Accreditation

...are marked accordingly.

Content Areas:

  • HSW: Health Safety Welfare

  • HSW-BF: Barrier-Free

  • HSW-SD: Sustainable Design

  • HSW-BC: Building Codes

  • GEN: General

Applicable Practice Areas:

  • ED: Education Design

  • FM: Facilities Management

  • HC: Healthcare Design

  • HD: Hospitality Design

  • ID: Institutional Design

  • MF: Multifamily Design

  • RD: Residential Design

  • SP: Retail Design/Store Planning

  • WP: Workplace Design/Corporate


Yes, several of our CEU courses are sold out. (Those that are sold out are noted as such on the list below.) To try to get into a sold out course we recommend that you start forming a line outside the room of the course that you are interested in around 10 minutes before the course starts. Inevitably a few people who officially registered online for the class will not show up for one reason or another. If/when this occurs and there are empty seats right as the class starts, then the volunteer Classroom Monitor will let people into the class as per their order in the line. Obviously, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get into the class, but we have used this method for years, and it works for most cases.